29th International Trade Show

Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds

Fresh Start for the Iran Business!

The 29th edition of Iran agrofood from 07 to 10 June 2022

The 29th edition of Iran agrofood is going to be a remarkable event for Iran’s agrofood industry. Organised by fairtrade & Palar Samaneh,  this milestone event will see global technology leaders showcasing adapted technologies, products and solutions in the fields of agriculture, food + beverage processing, ingredients, and finished food. A fresh Start for the Iran Business!

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Iran agrofood

e-brochure 2022

Review Iran agrofood 2021

The 28th edition of Iran agrofood 2021 ended on a very high note. From 22 to 25 September 2021, thousands of agrofood professionals from Iran and neighbouring countries discussed their investment ideas with 311 exhibitors.

Post Show Report 2021

High satisfaction ratings

The exhibitors’ satisfaction ratings speak for themselves:

  • 93% were satisfied with the number and quality of visitors
  • 96% with the exhibition as a whole

Top governmental support

Iran agrofood was officially opened on 22 September by the   

  • Minister of Agriculture-Jihad
  • Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine & Trade
  • Ambassador of Brazil
  • Agricultural Counsellor of the Netherlands
  • Representatives of the German and Belgium Embassy

Voices of the exhibitors 2021

  • KDM is a trading engineering company supplying and importing process line components. We are attending Iran agrofood 2021 to meet with our customers and suppliers and have face to face discussions about our products. With the younger generation, more and more potential customers are entering the market who need new products every day, so the Iranian market is very important for us.

    Hamid Danesh
    CEO - Khallaghan Danesh Modern (KDM)

  • ABPA is an association that represent some chicken meat and eggs exporting companies from Brazil. Our goal is to improve food safety in Iran. We participate at Iran agrofood 2021 to make important contacts in this regard. The quality of visitors on the first day has been very good.

    Gabriel Morelli Ribeiro
    Market relations analyst - ABPA

  • We are attending Iran agrofood 2021 because there is a lot of potential in several fields of the food industry.

    Since it is Corona, we didn't expect so many qualified visitors. A great start for a first day!

    Nima Sadeghi
    Executive Director - Magma

  • BigBear is a German manufacturer of a wide range of carbonated & non-carbonated beverages established in 2006.

    As Iran’s population is extremely young, we see a huge potential for Energy Drinks here. That’s why we participate at Iran agrofood 2021 and we are extremely happy with the business talks we had so far.y.

    R. Ghalekani
    Managing Director & Board member - BigBear

  • PETKUS is one of the world’s most innovative technology and engineering provider of the grain and seed business.

    Based in Germany, we participate within the German Pavilion as we are seeing huge potential in the Iranian agricultural market.

    Iran agrofood 2021 is a great opportunity to talk face-to-face with our partners and customers and to present our products. We are very happy to be here.

    Mohammad Reza Najafi
    Managing Director - Petkus / Mehr Sanat Fidar Co.

  • Damirchi Industrial Group, already since 40 years, is a key player in the Iranian market. We focus on ever improving the quality level and standards of operation in the field of designing, manufacturing, installing and setting up machinery and equipment in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Here at Iran agrofood 2021 we can once again confirm that investments in the food industry keep on increasing as we mainly meet new investors and partners, but also existing customers. So far, we are very satisfied with the quality of the visitors.

    Mahsa Damirchi
    Member of board – Damirchi Group

  • EKTAM is a Turkish company manufacturing machinery and equipment for packaging beverages and liquids at high speed and builds fully automatic bottling facilities. We deliver production lines for carbonated soft drinks, drinking and mineral water, fruit juices, iced tea and lemonade. As Iran is our neighbouring country, we see great potential in the beverage industry here as we are very familiar with the business culture. At Iran agrofood 2021, we mainly meet new investors and producers. We are very satisfied with the quality of the visitors so far and we are happy to participating at Iran agrofood 2021.

    Emre Toklu
    Export Sales Chief – EKTAM

  • EFPROMM is an established leader in the food processing market throughout the Middle & Far East. We specialise in the supply of premium brand new and used food processing machinery, technical maintenance support, raw materials, packaging solutions and consulting services to food manufacturers worldwide. Among our partners are Dick, henneken holac, Reepack, Seydelmann, Vemag, and many others. Iran is a huge country with a population of 82 million full of motivated producers who are looking for new technology and machinery. It is a big and growing market, despite all the problems. EFPROMM has also branches in other countries, but Iran is our biggest market. We met most of our clients and future customers at Iran agrofood and it is our main showcase compared to other trade shows. We are very happy with the show and its outcome. It seems that the interest of people and number of visitors are more than what we expected. Because of the Covid issue, we were expecting less visitors. But it was very good. To us, the interest of the visitors and also their number seems greater than expected. Because of Covid, we had expected fewer visitors. But it was very good.

    Ramin Ahmadzadeh, (left)
    Iran branch manager- EFPROMM GmbH

  • With its vast experience and know-how AVE Technologies can answer and satisfy bottling questions with solutions and innovations that include the latest technological features.

    Iran is a main market in the Middle East and the Iranian producers are looking for new technologies.

    All of our customers are food & beverage producers and we cooperate with well-known factories in Iran.

    After Covid, Iran agrofood was all the more important to meet with our customers again after such a long time and to discuss new projects and new technologies.

    Luca Pusineri, (left)
    Area Manager - Ave Technologies

  • Iran and the Netherlands have been trading with each other for many years. Iran has a long and great history in agriculture and represents a very large market that is important for the Dutch.

    We met with key stakeholders, researchers and traders involved in agriculture in Iran and they formulated their requests to the Dutch companies. This was very helpful.

    Despite the Corona pandemic, our expectations were fully met. We had a very good number of meetings and visitors.

    Marion Van Schaik, (middle)
    Agricultural Counsellor for Iran and Iraq - Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Iran

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